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Nettle-peppermint soap

Self made soap is one of the most wonderful things on earth. Composition, fragrance, nourishment and feeling after use – pure love. Aaaah.

When you add natural ingredients that contain minerals and vitamins to the soap, the end result is luxury. High-quality, precisely appealing ingredients make soap an art.

The nose has a lot of iron and vitamin C, and A, B, E and K vitamins. In history, people have used it in a variety of ways to cure various ailments. In particular, the nettle is renowned for its disinfectant and renal function. Noodle also has an anti-inflammatory effect. By drying at low temperatures, the nettle retains its best characteristics. The dried nettle is also no longer burning.

Fresh ethereal peppermint oil also contains several health benefits and together with the nettle, these are the right duo. Peppermint helps both physical and mental well-being. Physically, it improves immune defense and speeds up healing. Mentally it has been helpful to even burn out. Peppermint scent enhances concentration, brightens thoughts and makes decision making easier.

The Himalayan Rose Salt contains up to 84 important minerals and otherwise makes the mild soap a delicate peel. The beautiful pink color also gives a sweet tint to the soap.

Nettle-Peppermint Soap instructions:
– 7.5 dl of olive oil
– 90 g of lye
– 300 ml of water
– 50 g of Himalayan rose salt
– 30g of dried nettle
– 5ml essential peppermint oil

Add the nettle powder to the water and simmer until the water is green. Strain the nettle crush from the water completely with a sieve and leave the mixture to cool. Save the crushes for later.

When the nettle water is about 37 degrees, carefully dip the liy into the water.

Pay close attention to the adding order and remember that the lye is a corrosive substance. If it splashes on your skin, use vinegar to neutralize the effect. So remember the good protective equipment. When the lye begins to react with water, it is caused by the unpleasant vapor that does not heal. Soap making outdoors, or in a well-ventilated kitchen is desirable.

Stir until the lye is dissolved and the mixture is transparent. Heat the oil in another kettle to about 37 degrees. Pour the olive oil into the liy-water. Continue mixing until the mixture is thick.

Add peppermint oil, salt and nettle crush to the mixture. Stir in the soap in molds and let it solidify. Remove the soap from the molds to dry after about 36 hours. Place the soaps in a cardboard box. Close the cardboard box and store it in a dark and dry place for 4-6 weeks.

Soap is now ready. You can wash it with this lovely whole body, including your hair, or use it as a hand soap.

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