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Beeswax soap

Beeswax, or honey, is a delightful skin care product. It is antiseptic and moisturizing to fit many skin.

One article in the Anna magazine listed 9 health effects of honey, from which 5 are also suitable for describing the benefits of honey soap:

1. Is a Natural Antibiotic
2. Improves wounds
3. Relax and promote sleep
4. Prevents illness
5. Brightens the skin

Source: effective effect on health

The soap from this recipe is toned of salmon and harder in composition than vegetable based soaps.

– 7.5dl of olive oil
– 90 g of lye
– 300 ml of water
– 50 g of Himalayan rose salt
– 30 g of cosmetic beeswax
– 5g orange Mica powder
– 5 ml essential orange oil

Carefully add the lye to about 37 C° water.

Observe the manufacturing order carefully and remember that the lye is a corrosive substance. If it splashes on your skin, use vinegar to neutralize the effect. So remember the good protective equipment. When the lye begins to react with water, it is caused by the unpleasant vapor that does not heal. Soap making outdoors, or in a well-ventilated kitchen is desirable.

Stir until the lye is dissolved and the mixture is transparent. Heat the oil in another cattle to about 37 degrees. Pour the warm oil into the liy-water. Continue mixing until the mixture is thick.

Melt the beeswax in a separate saucepan. Add molten beeswax, orange oil, salt and mica powder to the mixture. Stir for a moment. Pour the soap into molds and let it solidify.

Undo the soap from the molds to dry after about 36 hours. If necessary, cut into soap and place in the appropriate pieces and place in a cardboard box. Close the cardboard box and keep it in a dark and dry place for 4-6 weeks. Soap is now ready.

Pleasant washing moments <3

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