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About us

Natural luxury.

Vegan | Local | Ecological

Gaarna is a Finnish company that started operations in late 2018. Gaarna is producing high quality detergents and shower products both for direct customers and re-sellers. The online store was opened to customers in early 2019. All products are vegan, local and ecological.

Imagine pure Nordic nature, genuine raw materials and traditional manufacturing methods imported at the level of modern hygiene care. Scandinavian freshness combined with northern beautiful nature bringing with them the power of the fell. Gaarna have brought urban world back to its root.

We have genuine will of doing good and vision of pure nature. / CEO, Gaarna

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Gaarna products are designed for everyday use. Online shop offers ecological and natural products. and new products are added to the selection at regular intervals.

Allow yourself to use the best products everyday and share this wealth of nature also with your loved ones.

Gaarna supports your choice to live Green and to respect earth and the nature around you. 

Our values are: Sustainability, Quality and Authenticity.

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