Care Spray (Rose)


Care spray for normal and dry hare. Care spray makes your hair shiny, by closing hair fractures and by making them stronger.

After drying, the vinegar based care spray leaves your hair with nice rose scent and easy to brush.

Size: 250 ml.


Vitamin E is a cellular antioxidant. It also supports scalp blood circulation, which helps to increase hair growth.

Spray the care spray on the newly washed and towel-dried hair. Let it dry.

Avoid contact with eyes. Shake before use.

The effectiveness of the care spray in the hair is based on the “no-poo” method and the acidity of vinegar. However, vinegar may burn when it hits a broken skin. Although the product is completely natural, it is not recommended for hypersensitive people. Not recommended for people with citrus allergies.

Ingredients: Vinegar (Vinegar), Vater (Aqua), Essential Rose Oil (Vitis vinifera , Rosa centifolia), E-vitamin Oil (Natural Mixed Tocopherols and Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil)


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