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Power with herbs

Our beautiful nature is full of wonderful herbs and their uses are varied. Herbs can be used as materials for natural beauty fresh or dried. Although herbs are natural, they are still not suitable for everyone.

Many plants are very similar to each other, so one should be very attentive when picking them up for  own use. Some plants might be even toxic. This is same with collecting mushrooms, you would’n pic and cook anything you are not sure about, right?

When used in hair care, the herbal properties can also have a mild effect on hair color. For example, nettle prevents yellowing of the hair, but strengthens the color of dark and red hair. Chamomile brightens light hair and birch highlights dark color.

Herbs are useful for maintaining natural beauty and include versatile care properties. Here are some interesting examples listed below:

Lavender: Cleanses and soothes oily skin and hair. Reduces skin pores, refreshes and improves irritation.

Birch Leaves: Treat your scalp, increase shine and prevent hair loss.

Spruce and pine needles: Refreshes and cleans.

Widow Leaf: Cleans and brightens greasy skin and prevents hair from becoming greasy.

Mint: Refreshes, cleans, cuts pores and fires.

Nose: Accelerates scalp blood circulation, prevents dandruff formation and hair loss, and soothes and cleanses the skin.

Parsley: Cleanse, treat and heal skin problems.

Red clover: Treat irritated scalp and give shine to dry hair. Reduces skin pores and lightens tired skin.

Dandelion: Brightens and reduces oily, irritated and pimple skin.