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Where did it all started?

Gaarna - Miten kaikki sai alkunsa?

“For us at Gaarna, being ecological is more than just production methods and ecological materials,” says Sini Kervinen, the company’s founder and entrepreneur.

But where exactly did Gaarna’s story begin?

“I’ve always been interested in the pure and natural alternatives to replace the artificial and industrial products.

Even as a child, my favorite game was to play chemist and a merchant. I made endlessly different mixtures of bath water and available shower products while sitting in a warm bath. I only agreed to come away when both the finger and toe heads were as wrinkle as the raisin. In my merchant play I just couldn’t get enough of organizing beautiful buttons that I had captured and collected in a jar like treasures. I sold them to family members for play money, torn from paper.

As I grew older, I became interested in natural herbs. I studied different plants and their properties. I collected them and dried them for tea, or dyed wool yarn with them. I read the literature on natural foods and studied the effects of harmful chemicals.

Gaarna - Merituuli pyykinpesujauhe ja etikkahuuhde
Photographer: Niina Pietilä

The birth of my first child, almost 10 years ago, made me even more interested in the ingredients in detergents. I wanted to live and be so that my own child would get only the best of everything. For both, as food and for skin. I also paid more attention to my own consumption habits and started recycling those that were still left behind.

Nature has always been close to my heart. Even though I was already doing a lot, it still felt like it wasn’t enough.

I got excited when a friend told me she had been making her own laundry detergent for a long time by grating Marseille soap and melting it in the water. I wanted to try it too. I also got a bottle of the detergent from her for to try it out. I washed my laundry with this gift detergent. I was actually quite good. I got fresh and clean laundry with detergent, that was so much better alternative to nature than the detergents I had used before!

I definitely wanted to make this kind of detergent myself too! However, I did not wanted to use industrially made, imported soaps. If one were to do it ourselves, then it would be done properly from the beginning. I found out and started making different soap products myself. I made both laundry soap and shampoo pieces. However, olive oil-based soap preparations did not clean the laundry, nor did the hair. I wasn’t happy with the outcome, but I knew I was on the trail of something important.

Gaarna - Luonnonmukaisesti ja rakkaudella
Photographer: Niina Pietilä

I studied more and did experiments over and over again with different recipes and different ingredients. On a few occasions I already gave up, but then tried again until I finally found perfectly cleansing vegetable oil-based recipes for both laundry detergent and shampoo.

The feeling was amazing when I realized I had created something really meaningful. I had created the way to wash laundry, body and hair safely without chemicals and environmental impact, ”says Kervinen.

We humans use huge amounts of detergents a month. And why not use – cleanliness and hygiene are important.

Most industrial detergents use a lot of substances that are not good for the environment. Various industrial combinations can be poorly degradable and bad for nature. The product information of laundry detergent does not have to indicate all the ingredients, which can make it difficult for the consumer to know what the detergent will eventually contain.

The detergent choices we make are of great importance. And not only for the environment but also for ourselves and our loved ones. By paying attention to what you wash yourself and your laundry with, you can do significant environmental actions over the years. At the same time, you remove huge amounts of completely useless chemicals from your daily life.

Gaarna - Luontoa kunnioittavat pesuaineet
Photographer: Niina Pietilä

Gaarna’s work was thus driven by his own interest and inspiration, which led to concrete innovation. However, Gaarna also sells products to consumers.

Gaarna’s journey was thus driven by Sini’s own interest and inspiration, which led to concrete innovation. However, Gaarna also sells products to consumers.

“The more people use Gaarna’s eco-detergents, the greater the environmental impact is. That is one of the main drivers, that inspires me to develop even more products. Environmental impact, that Gaarna and those who have chosen to use Gaarna’s eco-detergents, are creating together is inspirational. I am grateful of every single order we receive. Each order symbolizes those people, who just like me, wants to make a positive difference. Every subscriber and every time products are used is a step towards a more chemical-free tomorrow.

Thanks are also due to the partners and manufacturers who are an important part of the journey. Thanks for the joint journey also belongs to anyone who cares.

Thank you for caring <3”

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