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Gaarna joins the board of Eco-entrepreneur association

Suomen Ekoyrittäjät

The activities and goals of Eco-Entrepreneurs are in line with Gaarna’s values and eco-ethical principles. As a member of the Board of Finnish Eco-Entrepreneurs, Gaarna is committed to the principles of the association (the principles are listed below on the Finnish Eco-Entrepreneurs website on 13 September 2020). Gaarna’s founder, Sini Kervinen, is the vice-president of the association.

  • Necessity – A product or service does not create demand artificially, but responds to an existing need, even aiming to reduce overall consumption. At its best, it replaces a harmful product or service.
  • Production – Raw materials from endangered animal or plant species are not used in production. Production does not use animal testing and avoids pollution and the use of non-renewable resources.
  • Energy – The manufacture, use and disposal of the product use as little energy as possible. Energy is produced in a way that supports sustainable development.
  • Transportation – Transportation seeks to avoid wasting energy. Production takes place as close as possible to the consumer and the product is transported in the least polluting way possible.
  • Materials – The product uses the least environmentally harmful substances and production methods and prefers renewable materials.
  • Packaging – The products do not generate unnecessary waste due to, for example, excessive packaging or short packaging life.
  • Proximity to the user – The dimensions of the product are human; small is beautiful. The product is repairable and repairs can be made yourself. The product is safe for the user.
  • Recycling – After the end of its life, product material can be recycled or disposed of without harm. The product itself uses recycled material.
  • Time of use – The product is durable and does not depend on fashion variations. No unnecessary disposables.
  • Criteria for social responsibility:
    – Consultation of all company employees in company decision-making and goal setting.
    – Fair treatment and welfare of employees.
    – Creating opportunities for minorities.
    – Fostering human values such as creativity, productivity, self-respect, responsibility and equality.
    – Promoting sustainable development in society, where possible both in one’s own operating environment and internationally. For example, fair trade with developing countries.
    – Truthful communication to stakeholders and the public.
    – The company values thrift in its operations.

The purpose of the Finnish Eco-Entrepreneurs Association is to promote environmentally responsible small and medium-sized businesses. The members of the association are committed to the eco-ethical principles of responsible business in their operations.

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