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Sea breeze shampoo bar

Merituuli shampoopala, Gaarna

Natural luxury

Gaarna, Merituuli shampoopala

Gaarna’s wonderful innovation, Sea Breeze shampoo bar contains sea salt, which gives the hair structure and reduces its sebum content.

Sea salt minerals strengthen hair follicles and scalp, making hair look healthier. Softly foaming and mellow Sea Breeze shampoo bar has a fresh scent of Lily of the Valley.

Sea Breeze Shampoo bar is a is Nordic Natural Beauty Awards nominee 2020!


Sea Breeze shampoo bar is made using a cold method, where the soap matures at least one month before it is packed. The moisturizing properties of the shampoo improves over time. Foamy Sea Breeze shampoo bar is delightful for washing hair and when used as a shower soap.

Sini Kervinen, Gaarna”Sea Breeze is inspired by the Turku (City in Finland) archipelago, a family sailing trip and a beautiful summer evening by the sea. The hair was wonderfully puffy after fluttering all day in the fresh sea breeze and the desert island where we stayed the night smelled of lilies of the valley. I wanted to maintain this happy day in a shampoo bar and pass on the same, wonderful feeling to others. I hope you like it!”

Founder, Sini Kervinen


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