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PH-balance of skin and hair

Naturally, healthy skin is slightly acidic and has a surface pH of about 4.5-5. The skin surface acts as a natural protective layer for bacteria and viruses. The wrong pH value can cause a variety of skin problems such as pimples and impurities.

In general, the pH value of cosmetics should be slightly acidic to neutral, about 4.5-7. PH on scale 7 is neutral and all over alkaline and less acidic. The pH of the water is 7 and the pH of the soap itself is clearly alkaline. Since water and soap increase the pH of the skin, it may feel a little dry right after washing.

Maintaining a pH balance is also the starting point for healthy hair and affects the hair structure. The pH value of hair-making products varies between 3.5 and 5.5. The mildly acidic products seal and seal the surface layer of the hair. This makes the hair shiny as the light is better reflected on such a surface.

Products above 7 pH levels break the surface of the hair, allowing the water to absorb more quickly into the hair. You may notice this phenomenon if you wash your hair with a self-made piece of soap, and finally do not use a pH balancing rinse. It may be that the hair washed in the evening is still moist in the morning. Alkaline substances are often used in hair treatments, where it is desired to influence or gain access to the hair structure. The traditional “no-poo” soda-vinegar washing is based on the same phenomenon. The soda for washing the hair is alkaline (pH 8.3) and the vinegar used for rinsing is acidic (pH 2.5 -3).

Too basic a washing liquid will wash away the skin protective layer too effectively, leaving a “whining” feeling. The pH of the washing products can, of course, be reduced by, for example, citric acid or lactic acid. Overly alkaline skin care products may cause premature aging of the skin, which is why the correct pH value is especially important in the treatment of aging skin. Cleansing with gentle, natural pH-supporting washing liquid helps the skin’s own defense mechanisms to recover faster.

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