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Nettle-Peppermint Shampoo

It is also easy to make a lovely shampoo from the self made piece of soap. Peppermint-nettle shampoo cleans not only the impurities but also the mind and acts as a wonderful stimulant for the day.

You can find manufacturing instruction to self-made Nettle-Peppermint soap from the previous article. Prepare the soap first and then make the shampoo when the soap is finished. This article is available here:

If you are not accustomed to natural cosmetics, your hair will take a moment to fit into this new organic alternative. It may be that your hair feels greasy for up to several weeks, and it also looks like it’s worth doing for example on vacation.

However, switching is getting better and you should wait for good. Hair accustomed to a natural detergent will feel thick and clean for a long time. It may even happen that chemically-made soaps no longer feel like you have come to the taste of the new soap.

You will need a razor, a food trowel, a funnel, a kettle, oven tops and a one-liter glass bottle with a tight closure.

Neck Peppermint Shampoo Instructions:
– 75g grated nettle-peppermint soap
– Water

Grate the soap with a small grater and measure the right amount with scale. Add the grate to a clean glass bottle using the plastic funnel. Boil water in a kettle and pour water into the bottle over soap. Do not fill the bottle with the pan. The bottle is now hot, so use the oven tips to shake the sealed bottle.

Stir the mixture for one week once a day.

If desired, move to an empty clean shampoo bottle and use the mixture within three months. Because there are no additives in the shampoo, it will not last forever. Of course, that’s just a wonderful thing. Natural, fresh and fresh.

If you want more cleansing version, you can add a tablespoon of soda to your shampoo bottle. Soda cleans the scalp well, leaving a clean feeling. With self-made shampoo, washing your hair will leave your hair feeling different from the shampoos that smooth out the trade. However, the lack of additive and genuine materials make the washing experience so pleasant and the mind so good that after a while you don’t pay attention.

There are also many natural agents you can add to your shampoo to make them more like the the shampoos in store. However, the simple style works also, but there are options to go further with the structure.

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