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Vegetable oils in nature cosmetics

Natural Cosmetics means skin care products and cosmetics based on the fact that all the materials used cause minimal harm to nature and man. Genuine materials are the basis for making, and no chemicals or other non-natural ingredients are used.

Vegetable oils are the basic ingredients of many delightful products. Listed below are some of the best features of skin care:

Sunflower oil: nourishes, revitalizes, strengthens, deepens and softens rough skin.

Rapeseed oil: relieves itching and is suitable for sensitive, dry or irritated skin and skin infections.

Rape seed oil: moisturizes, nourishes and softens dry skin.

Jojoba oil: binds moisture, normalizes sebum secretion and is suitable for grasses, acne and rashes.

Olive oil: softens and cares, also suitable for dry and sensitive skin, as well as for hair and scaly scalp.

Coconut oil: Protects and cares, suitable for aging, irritated, sensitive and sun-burned skin.

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